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What is Tamimi Academy?

Tamimi Academy


On the 27th Anniversary of GDIC, the Gardens Dental Implant Center, Professor Dr. Mazen Tamimi the founder has decided to launch Tamimi Academy in Florida-USA as a new vision for global teaching of the modern art and science of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry in cooperation with many local Universities, Dental societies and continuing education institutes worldwide.

Prof. Dr. Mazen Tamimi, the world recognized keynote speaker in many international meetings, and imminent trainer of oral implantology in many specialized courses in more than 40 countries, plus his involvement as a visiting Professor in Cairo University, and the international Medical college/Duisburg-Essen University, has established this Global Academy to offer a unique Platform where his friends, the world-famous Professors and Trainers can spread their science to the dental community in different means of postgraduate education models, such as but not limited to short courses , workshops, seminars, congresses, conventions, internship & Supervision practical programs, ,comprehensive series of Basic and Advanced Modules, a One year Curriculum in Oral Implantology.

This variety of the highest dental quality education models will be approved and recognized by different local accreditation councils due to the fact that Tamimi Academy follows all the ADA CERP standards and procedures in all its CDE activities.


Mission Statement


The mission of Tamimi Academy is to provide excellent, relevant and evidence based continuing education to the surgical/restorative team, and to assist other oral health professionals in maintaining a current knowledge base in this rapidly changing environment and dynamic field of oral health by providing peer-reviewed, evidence-based continuing education courses. The purpose is to impart the knowledge and expertise necessary to improve the quality of patient care. In doing so, we believe that these practices will benefit clinicians on many levels.


Long-Range CE goals:

  • To offer world-class/ leading dental training services aimed at promoting  the highest standards of competency in Diagnosis, Surgery and Prosthetic Treatment in the field of Oral Implantology/ Implant Dentistry, imbued with up-to-date Health & Safety knowledge and best practices.

  • Elevate the standards, and to advance the science and art of Oral Implantology/ Implant Dentistry by encouraging its study and improving its practice.

  • To achieve knowledge and proficiency in the full scope of  Oral Implantology/ Implant Dentistry to maintain the highest standard of this practice.

  • Ensure courses cover a wide range of topics relevant to the oral healthcare professional community.

  • All course material will be developed by experts and undergo a peer-review process.

  • All course content will be supported by the most current science and research.


Organizational Goals


  • Reach more dental professionals than before.

  • Develop new courses in 2020, reflecting current trends and latest research.

  • All courses will be high quality.

  • All courses will be online to maximize accessibility, and maintain social distancing because of outbreak of COVID-19

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