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Advisory Committee


The purpose of Tamimi Academy Continuing Education Advisory Committee is to:


  1. Serve as an advisory committee to Tamimi Academy regarding the goals, objectives and content of the CDE Activities.

  2. Conduct periodic reappraisal and revision for educational goals

  3. Review educational content for appropriateness and applicability for Tamimi Academy CE opportunities.

Advisory Committee Members:


Prof. Faleh Tamimi Marino

BDS, MSc, PhD, Professor, Dean of Dental Medicine College
Qatar University, Qatar

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Dr. Hani Dalati
Consultant Orthodontist, MSc Implantologist,
Abu Dhabi, UAE


Prof. Dr. Horia Barbu


Prof. Dr. Shihab Romeed

DDS, MSc, PhD, Consultant in Restorative Dentistry
Queen Alexandria Hospital, Portsmouth, UK

Dr. Hima Sassidharan

BAMS, MD (AYU) MD, Doctor, private practice

Doha, Qatar 

Dr. Zaid Qaryaqos

BDS General Dentist, private practice

Chicago, IL 

Dr. Rajab Zaza

DDS General Dentist, private practice

Orlando, FL

Dr. Ahmad Alghussein

MSc Oral Surgeon, IMC

Muenster, German 

Dr. Robert Laux MSc. MSc.

Hamburg Germany

Dr. Dania Awwad

BDS, MSc, Prosthodontist, private practice

Amman, Jordan

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