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Treating Severely Atrophied Maxilla (Sinus Lifting)

  • Anatomy of sinus and surrounding structures

  • Indications and treatment planning

  • Surgical techniques

  • Indirect sinus lift

  • Bone condensation with lift

  • Types of Bone can be used in sinus lift

  • Direct sinus lift with or without implant

  • Biomaterials and indications for sinus procedures

CPD Objectives:

  • What is piezotome surgery technology?

  • How is it different from conventional surgey and others?

  • When and how to place implants with sinus lift in case of atrophic maxilla while there is no crestal bone available?

  • To gain participants tactile in using the machine, hands on training on different models.

  • To know new technique in stabilizing the implants in severely atrophic maxilla in order to avoid two stage sinus lifting.


Course Duration (Days): 1 Days

Language: English

Total Points: 10 CE

  • 6 CE (1 days of 8 hours)

  • 1 CE (Hands on training)

  • 1 CE (Case Discussions)

  • 2 CE (Review and Session Exam)

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