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Live Advanced Cadaver Course and/or Live OP





  • This is a special Module focusing on all advanced surgical techniques used in Implantology.

  • Participants will have a chance to apply all the techniques that might be need prior or during implant insertion.

  • Each participant will be assigned to work on one cadaver head (this depends on the country’s rules and regulations), and all the educational activities will take place in the dissecting rooms of one of the Universities that are accomplished through partnerships and / or agreements.

  • Participants will have a chance practicing:

    • Different flap techniques

    • Suturing

    • Osteotomy and Immediate insertion of implants.

    • Direct Sinus Lifting.

    • Indirect Sinus Floor Elevation.

    • Soft Tissue Grafts.

    • Block grafts.

    • Nerve Transpositioning

    • Bone Splitting


  • Day 1 Theory - Intensive Lectures covering all the major aspects and advanced surgical techniques:

    • Reviewing the Surgical anatomy

    • Soft tissue management

    • Internal and External Sinus Lifting

    • Bone Splitting

    • Nerve Transpositioning.

    • Block Grafting Techniques (Ramus and Synthesis block grafts)

    • Augmentation Techniques including GBR.


  • Day 2 Workshop:

    • Participants will be divided into different stations to do all the techniques through full Practical Day on cadavers.

    •  Alternatively, in some countries, the participants can do under supervision on actual patients a live op on selected cases in recognized clinics or hospitals (only one case per participant, if implants placed, participant will cover the cost of implants)

Target: GP Dentists, Periodontists, Oral Surgeons, and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

 Any Participant can bring his/her Nurse to train in complex implant surgical assisting

Course Duration (Days): 2-3 Days

Language: English

  • Total Points: 30 CE:

    • Day 1 Theoretical:                                                   8 Hours (8 CE)

    • Review and session Exam in Day 1:                        2 Hours (2 CE)

    • Day 2-3 Practical on cadavers or live op:               10 Hours (20 CE)

  • Fees:  $1,500

  • Number of open places: 25 Participants only

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