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Module 6 –Advanced Surgical Procedures of dental implants in the Daily Practice (PART II)


In this module we will cover different procedures of advanced to complex  implant surgeries,

  • Maxillary sinus surgery; Augmentation of severely atrophied maxilla and mandible ,all different advanced surgical modalities will be discussed such as but not limited to Augmentation and Bone Graft Materials (bone replacement, membrane, PRP, PRF, BMP, Lateral and onlay bone graft block)

  • Theory of Sinus lift, Sinus floor elevation techniques (Open/closed) with surgical management of the maxilla

  • Bone splitting techniques

  • Introduction to distraction osteogenesis

  • Nerve transpositioning

  • Understanding the pathophysiology of bone transplants and complications

  • Realizing the complexities of Dental Implantology and how to solve it.

  • Hands on models and goat heads to demonstrate the procedures


Course Duration (Days): 2 Days

Language: English

Total Points: 20 CE

  • 16 CE (2 days per 8 hours)

  • 1 CE (Hands on training)

  • 1 CE (Case Discussions)

  • 2 CE (Review and Session Exam)

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