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Module 7 – Basic Prosthetic Aspects in Dental Implantology (PART I)

  • Prosthetic components of implant systems (classification, post-abutment connections)

  • Remaining Teeth (Extract or Keep)

  • Implant prosthetic concepts in the edentulous maxilla and mandible

    • Indications and Contraindications

    • Selection of number and position of implants

    • Fixation types for removable dentures (bridge types, bars, telescopes, anchor, ball, Locator, etc.)

    • Special aspects of fixed prosthetics

    • Dental Technological Aspects

    • selection and construction of temporary restoration for different prosthetic conditions

    • Follow-up Recall for long term success

  • Implant supply with various implant systems:


  • Impression (Direct, Indirect/ open, closed), model production

  • Jaw relation

  • Try-in (scaffolding, raw brand ceramic)

  • Insertion, occlusal adjustment

  • Types of abutments available in the market

  • Screw retained versus cemented restorations.


*Each participant can bring his Dental Technician to the course; Special reduced fees for Technician will be applied.



Course Duration (Days): 2 Days

Language: English

Total Points: 20 CE

  • 16 CE (2 Days per 8 Hours)

  • 1 CE (Hands On Training)

  • 1 CE (Case Discussion)

  • 2 CE (Review and session Exam)

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